Music & Nightlife

122 W Herrick Ave, Wellington, OH, 44090

Tuesday, February 13 at 11 AM

You don't have to visit the Big Easy to indulge in its legendary Cajun and Creole flavors. We bring it to ya each Mardi Gras, going on 23 years! ⚜️

THE MUSIC: Bandyku will be kicking things off at 5. Followed by Chu Dat Frawg.

THE DRINKS: Hurricanes & Stacey's spicy bloody Mary's will be marinating by the gallons! New Belgium's Voodoo IPA & St. Anne Martini's will also be on special.

THE GRUB: Craw dad's, oysters, alligator fritters, buffalo shrimp sliders, étouffée, jambalaya, blackened delmonico, red beans & rice, catfish, gumbo & jalapeño cornbread on special! For dessert....bread pudding with whiskey sauce.

Sorry, no reservations in the evening. Come early, stay late!