Classes & Exhibits

4530 Colorado Ave, Sheffield Village, OH, 44054

Every Thursday, Feb 15 - Mar 22
7:30 pm

Join TrueNorth Big Band's bandleader Eric Dregne as he leads this 6 week class.

Known as America's classical music, jazz is a word that can mean different things to different people. It can be scary, boring, cool and fun. Just like many kinds of music, jazz moves you and has an amazing history of just over 100 years. Come and learn about some early styles that led to the influence of some of the most common music of today. From early styles such as dixieland and ragtime to the swing era and beyond, jazz is everywhere and it's not nearly as confusing or misunderstood as people may believe it to be.

Class Fee
Non - Member $75
TrueNorth Member $60

TrueNorth Members received a discount on class fees. Annual memberships can be purchased ($35 individual or $60 family)